Latest news (May 2014)

We have contacted HRS.COM about this matter, and they have
contacted the hotel (they say). The hotel says, that the photo
from the room are not their hotel!! Well, it is!!

They also say, that we should have contacted the reception about
the isssues, or we should have called HRS.COM. We do not book a
4 star hotel to discuss with the reception or to waste time and
money on calling the booking portal. We book a 4 star hotel to
receive 'pretty good' service!!

HRS.COM has declined to bring our feedback.

TRIPADVISOR version. TRIPADVISOR has declined to bring the photo
of the ceiling. Apparently.... they do not reply to my questions...

Lying on the bed, looking up on the ceiling, we saw this.... cobweb, dust and dirt!!
To the hotel: Go to room 404 – it is probably still there....


Radiator in room and towel radiator in bathroom were turned down by the cleaning-maid daily. We only
turned them up to level "2" due to medical reasons for one of us. Nothing extravagant in March.

We paid the extra for the breakfast. The attention from the servants were very different from day to day.
We experienced lack of plates, scrambled egg, BREAD! (had to say it to the receptionist) and COFFEE!!
On one occasion we had to ask the servant for two cups of coffee, which then were brewed cup by cup.
On another occasion we simply took one of the thermos from the counter, without asking anyone.
Edit: There were on these occasions between 6 and 12 guests eating breakfast – and....
one or two servants....

The receptionists were polite and smiling, but one of them did not have enough English for the job.

It is totally lousy style and greedy, to charge customers €2 pr. day for the use of the socalled refrigerator,
which is nothing but an empty mini-bar.

In our opinion, a 4-star MUST have a 24 hour reception!!

The way of getting access to the wi-fi is – to put it mildly – extremely old fashioned. The photo below
shows the pile of print-outs I got from a 3 1/2 days stay:

Beth H. Pedersen & Per Jakobsen - April 2014