... on the Vanløse Stairway ...

Please listen to the correct danish pronounciation of

In fact, I was raised in Vanløse, so this is the 'real thing' ;-)

The international spelling is Vanloese

The correct spelling is Vanløse with the special danish character 'o with a slash' in stead of 'oe'. Vanlose is unique for The Man you see to the right...

Listen to Van The Man's attempt to pronounce

You might need to check speakers and sound volume to hear the soundclips...

All roads leads to Vanløse

Sometimes It Reaches Up To The Moon...

The legendary 'Vanlose Stairway' is situated in one of the highest spots in Vanløse and surroundings. Four roads can take you 'up' there – and you'll have to be in pretty good shape, if you go by bike.

On either side of 'The Vanlose Stairway' there is a shop. Today the shop to the left is a Body Therapist (!!). The shop on the right is selling sports wear.

The Body Therapy shop was, until the beginning of the 2000's, the premises of the 'Danish Amateur Rocketry Club' aka DARK (Dansk Amatør Raket Klub). I clearly remember the rocket models in the shop window!

So here we find another source of inspiration for the song: Van did not just stick to visiting Ms. Ulla Munch on the 4th floor. Every now and then he paid a visit to the Rocket Club. Their weekly get together was on Wednesdays, where they had a few good beers while exchanging new aspects of amateur rocketry. Rumours has it, that Van, at some point, considered being a member of the club ;-]

Dear reader, if you now think, that this old Vanløse-kid has gone mad – and needs 4 hours of crisis help – you can read an excerpt from the official DARK history here:

"In June 1980 two important events happened. We carried out the first static test of a rocket motor... (cut)

Secondly we got our own club facilities in a former shop in Copenhagen at Grøndals Parkvej, Vanløse. This is the beginning of a very positive development of the club. In the cellar we had a social corner with the possibility to buy good Danish beer at a reasonable price. The social evenings were primarily used for planning rocket projects and the income from the bar were used to realize them. At some point the neighbours must have thought that our rockets used beer as liquid propellant." (
Until recently the complete DARK history was available online).

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